7 Techniques for Successful Forex Trading

Posted on June 28, 2018 at 05:49 PM CEST Forex News

Most of the currency traders nowadays fail. Statistics show that 95% of the Forex traders end up with Forex loss. Trading is not an easy job as you may think. It is a serious initiative and you better step back if you relate this job with girls, alcohol, parties and so on. If you still want to proceed, then we will tell you how to implement successful best Forex trading. It is all about gathering the right tools and use them the right way with the right mindset.

Forex Trading Nowadays

Most people prefer Forex trading while others like me prefer being an affiliate Forex partners. I will explain myself why I prefer being an affiliate, not a Forex broker.  Most of Forex Traders trade currencies, indices, agricultural and energy commodities to make a profit, they sometimes go long sometimes short, and others are day traders. Forex trading can make you or sometimes break you, It is not a field of chances. You must know exactly what you are doing before making it in this field. Or else, you might find yourself losing a lot of money when hoping to generate more.

Forex trading is not like gambling where you predict your bets. That is why every registered Forex broker will give caution to their website footers stating that forex trading is not suitable for everyone e.g. “Do not use what you cannot afford to lose!” However, in this article we will try to give some strong points and low points about the successful Forex trading.

Tools Successful Forex Trading

Use Economic Calendar – Most forex brokers have their own analyst who will draft an Economic calendar. However, using the calendar makes successful Forex trading very easy to achieve. You will know when to buy and when to sell specifically it works perfectly if you’re going long and short. An economic calendar will give you dates of any countries economic events. It’s like a GPS or a navigator to where you are going – it will lead you.

Listen to news – listen to countries news that may affect the economy and apply those changes to your trades. For example, if the country changes the president it’s a positive case that the investors will lose confidence and that countries currency will depreciate significantly.

Compare trades of other traders – I normally call this mirror trading. You copy trades from other successful traders. Your Professional Forex Broker will always show you how are other traders doing or performing. People who have made success in forex trading are likely to continue creating success. Remember not to be a greedy trader. Trade slowly, build your account very slowly, and that will pay more than being aggressive and lose all your invested capital. I only advise this to those who are still learning. But if you have knowledge why would you copy from others?

Advantage trading – This strategy involves trading according to an event to happen. Here, you can generate money quick, and when the event is done you then close the deal. It’s enough for the event until other events.

Forex trading strategy – most successful Forex traders have their own Forex trading strategy. Some may share them, while others will not share their successful system. You can build your own strategy by comparing different strategies. Some traders use forex scalping, other use forex hedging, other use forex robots, and other analyze charts.

Get advice from the broker – Some brokers are willing to advise whether to go long or short. It may be very helpful trading under the advice of experts rather than being confused about which trade to open. Also, it can be very beneficiary since the Forex brokers have the knowledge and expertise in forex. They have a team of experts or analyst who study the market

Demo Account – If you are not so sure about your trading abilities and you have a strong feel that you still need more study, you may then start trading with a demo account. This is a practice account that will help you understand the market in a better way without losing any money.


Successful Forex trading is not that hard to achieve. Although the statistics shows that only 5% are actually profitable on Forex trading, it is not impossible to be among these people. You should simply have the right instruments in your toolbox. When you combine these in the right Forex strategy, the proper risk management and the right mindset, there is no way you will fail!